Testing Dates and Information

Testing for All Sports

Testing is open across the entire year, opening on April 1st each year for the following school year.

When registering, please make sure you are registering for the correct year. Anything before April 1st would be for the current school year which may have sports that have already concluded their seasons.

Specific Points About the On-Line Testing Process that You Need to Know

The testing process is online.  Testing Period indicated for each sport and submit your results before the deadline.  This is not a timed test.

No on-site paper and pencil tests will be provided unless you are taking a class in that sport.

Application Deadlines must be met.  Waiting to the last minute to apply will only serve to allow you very little time to prepare for the test.  APPLY EARLY!

The test is composed of 100 True-False questions.  You must earn 75% or better on the test to become licensed.

You will receive your rules books from IHSAA along with instructions on how to access the test.  If you are testing in more than one season, the books for the later seasons will be sent when those books arrive in this office.  Please begin to study for the test upon receipt of the rules books.

You may only take a test one time within a program year.  If you do not meet the 75% standard this program year, you will need to wait until the next program year to apply again.You should not apply to take a test in any sport whose deadline dates have passed.

You should receive immediate feedback on your test results and you will receive insignias and license card from this office which should come within 10-14 days after your test is submitted.