May 3, 2012

IHSAA and LifeServers Announce Partnership
The Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. and LifeServers, Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of having a comprehensive AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in place within each IHSAA member school.

AED programs are vitally important in the event of sudden cardiac arrest and, used in conjunction with CPR, is the only way to save a life. It is imperative that schools remain diligent with the training of responders, battery and electrode replacement, and ensuring AEDs are available for quick response.

LifeServers is one of the nation’s largest industry experts, and together with the IHSAA, looks to increase awareness, improve education, and provide easy access to AED programs.  LifeServers will collaborate with each school to develop a customized AED program at a substantial discount.  Look for further information to be disseminated by the IHSAA via, emails, postcards, publications, and meetings to ensure that schools have the necessary tools to effectively respond in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Schools are encouraged to sign up for the LifeServers newsletter via to receive the most current information regarding AEDs, AED programs, product information, and accessories.

For more information regarding the importance of AED programs please visit and review the Frequently Asked Questions section.

For questions or guidance please contact Jon Warnock at, or by phone at (317) 514-4848.





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