April 30, 2012

IHSAA Board Tables Success Factor Proposal for Further Study
Thirty-eight proposals were passed, seven defeated and one was tabled for further discussion and study as the IHSAA Board of Directors met in its annual review of the Association’s by-laws in Indianapolis today.

A copy of the agenda used by the Board is available here. A copy of the current by-laws also is available here. All proposals are considered in the order that the affected rule appears within the current by-laws. The Board of Directors has four options on each proposal: affirm, deny, table or amend. A simple majority is necessary to act on any measure. All items passed during the meeting go into effect immediately.

While several items simply provided clarifications of previously existing rules, the most noteworthy among the 46 items voted upon by the Board included:

The Committee voted to table an amendment which would establish a tournament series success factor for schools deciding further study and discussion on the topic was necessary. Using an objective formula, schools would accumulate points based on how far they advance in a particular tournament over a two-year classification period which would then determine whether a school moves up an enrollment class for the next two year period.

Unanimously rejected a proposal (17-0) that would separate public and charter schools from private schools in two different tournaments.

A proposal calling for all member schools to declare a second moratorium week during the summer where no contact between coaches and athletes may occur was rejected, 14-3. In deciding that the choice of a second week is best left as a decision of each respective school, the Board noted an increase in communication from various schools and individuals around the state about this topic. Commissioner Bobby Cox intends to convey these concerns to the membership.

A school-proposed amendment to the interstate contest rule that would eliminate the mileage limitation for team practices was defeated unanimously.

Approved by a 15-2 margin a proposal to the enrollment and attendance rule clarifying that a student has athletic eligibility only at the school enrolled and attending, except when attending an Innovative School and providing certain advance criteria is met including the local public school accepting the individual into its athletic program.

Approved unanimously to amend an already-existing rule limiting the numbers of team sport participants at practices in addition to contests during the school year, out-of-season.

Passed unanimously an amendment to the participation rule requiring summer participation at school-sponsored camps and clinics to end before Monday of Week 4, but eliminating any summer restrictions on non-school sponsored camps and clinics.

A series of school-proposed amendments that would significantly alter the IHSAA’s due process rules were each rejected by a 17-0 vote.

Approved a new provision to Rules 50 (boys sports) and 101 (girls sports) prohibiting the practice of over-scheduling in any sport more than the maximum number of allowed season contests.

A proposed amendment to the membership by-law from Fort Wayne Canterbury Headmaster Jonathan Hancock that would permit a private school to be a member using an IDOE- and IHSAA-approved accreditation agency was approved 17-0.

The elections for next year’s leadership of the Board and Executive Committee also were held. Jay County Principal Phil Ford was voted president of the 2012-13 Board of Directors and Blue River Valley Principal Ken Howell was selected as vice president. Nancy Alspaugh, Principal at Manchester, was named chairwoman of the 2012-13 Executive Committee and Victor Bush, Director of Athletics for Indianapolis Public Schools was confirmed as vice chairman. Of note, Alspaugh becomes the first woman to chair the Executive Committee in Association history.

Following the meeting of the Board, the IHSAA Executive Committee conducted its monthly meeting in which it made its annual review of gymnastics as a sponsored sport, discussed the process for selecting a host site for the 2013 Girls Basketball State Finals, and also accepted with regret the resignation of two Board members.

In gymnastics, given less than 25 percent of the membership sponsors the sport, its status is reviewed annually at this time. After brief discussion, the committee voted unanimously to retain sponsorship.

The Committee reviewed a list of potential hosts for the IHSAA Girls Basketball State Finals on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Proposals are due May 31 with an announcement expected to be made in June.

The resignations of Tri-West Hendricks Principal Jim Diagostino and Connersville Athletic Director Pam Noble were both accepted with regret. Diagostino has accepted a position in another school district located in a different legislative district than the one he represents. Noble recently announced her retirement after 34 years overall, 33 at Connersville.

About the Board of Directors
The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 19 individuals (1 seat is currently vacant) elected by member school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Twelve board seats are filled by any qualified individual (open seats), and seven board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified minority representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one qualified private school representative. The Board of Directors meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.

District, Seat Board Member Term Ends
District I, Class A Debb Stevens, Caston June 2014
District I, Class AA Nathan Dean, Jimtown June 2012
District I, Class AAA Geoff Penrod, Columbia City June 2014
District II, Class A Ken Howell, Blue River Valley June 2012
District II, Class AA Jim Diagostino, Tri-West Hendricks June 2014
District II, Class AAA Steve Cox, Beech Grove June 2012
District II, Class AAAA Phillip Ford, Jay County June 2014
District III, Class A Jed Jerrels, North Daviess June 2014
District III, Class AA Tim Grove, North Knox June 2012
District III, Class AAA Mike Whitten, Boonville June 2014
District III, Class AAAA Mike Broughton, Jennings County June 2015
North District, Female Nancy Alspaugh, Manchester June 2013
North District, Minority Deborah Watson, Fort Wayne Snider June 2013
North District, Urban Janis Qualizza, Merrillville June 2013
South District, Female Pam Noble, Connersville** June 2013
South District, Minority Victor Bush, Indianapolis Public Schools June 2013
South District, Urban Paul Neidig, Evansville Central June 2013
Private School John Marks, Fort Wayne Concordia* June 2013

* President
** Vice-President






About the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. (IHSAA)
Founded in 1903, the purpose of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. (IHSAA) is to encourage, regulate and give direction to wholesome amateur interschool athletic competition between its 408 member schools. The Association provides state championship tournament series in 20 sports, 10 for girls and 10 for boys. Approximately 160,000 student athletes participate in IHSAA sports on an annual basis.

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