2021-22 Board of Directors

District, Seat Board Member Term Ends
District I, Class A Tom Finicle, Southwood June 2023
District I, Class AA John Steinhilber, Hebron June 2024
District I, Class AAA Nathan Dean, Jimtown June 2023
District I, Class AAAA Ed Gilliland, LaPorte June 2024
District II, Class A  Kye Denney, Wes-Del June 2024
District II, Class AA Matt Martin, Knightstown June 2023
District II, Class AAA  Chris Conley, Delta June 2024
District II, Class AAAA Jim Brown, Fishers** June 2023
District III, Class A Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve* June 2023
District III, Class AA Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation June 2024
District III, Class AAA Mike Whitten, Boonville June 2023
District III, Class AAAA Tom Black, East Central June 2024
North District, Female Patti McCormack, Lowell June 2022
North District, Minority Stacy Adams, Valparaiso June 2022
North District, Urban  Brian Strong, Logansport  June 2022
South District, Female Rae Ferriell-Woolpy, Richmond June 2022
South District, Minority Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township June 2022
South District, Urban Chad Gilbert, Charlestown June 2022
Private School Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral June 2022

2021-22 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets monthly and is responsible for organizing and directing state tournaments and meets, interpreting the Association's By-Laws, determining penalties for rules violations, and establishing the Association's state office and employing a commissioner and staff to administer the Association.

Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township (Chairman)
Stacy Adams, Valparaiso (Vice-Chairman)
Tom Black, East Central 
Jim Brown, Fishers
Chris Conley, Delta 
Nathan Dean, Jimtown
Kye Denney, Wes-Del 
Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve
Rae Ferriell-Woolpy, Richmond
Tom Finicle, Southwood
Chad Gilbert, Charlestown
Ed Gilliland, LaPorte
Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation
Matt Martin, Knightstown
Patti McCormack, Lowell
John Steinhilber, Hebron 
Brian Strong, Logansport
Mike Whitten, Boonville
Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral